About Us

The law firm Ivo Reginka, REG, was founded together with a group of law firms across Eastern Europe, with about 40 attorneys-at-law, that emerged in 2003 as a spin-off from one of the biggest German legal, tax and auditing firms in Middle and Eastern Europe.

Employees of the law firm REG have specialized for many years on Russian, Ukrainian, Polish and Southeast-European legal issues and render legal and tax consulting services to companies in Middle- and Eastern-Europe from the middle of the 90-ies.

The law firm REG consults mainly German and English speaking investors in Middle- and Eastern Europe for a long period of time in collaboration with our qualified and approved German attorneys-at-law, tax consultants and auditors, as well as with our outstanding, experienced and perfectly German and English speaking ›colleagues from Middle- and Eastern Europe.

Therefore, in most of the East European countries, we can also rely on one of our over the years approved cooperation partners for local tax, accounting or audit issues.

Our Philosophy – Our Work

We view ourselves as a law firm, specialized in East European Commercial law, which is mainly focused at German and English speaking medium-sized businesses and concentrates on the individual needs of every single client.

An interdisciplinary, intercultural and multilingual approach of every single employee is in our opinion an indispensable “must” for the successful and efficient perception of the interests of our clients and thus our everyday reality.

Individual contact to our clients which is guaranteed by constant › contact partners who know the background of our clients is just as important to us.