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Legal disclaimer
1. Limitation of liability
The contents and information contained on this webside have been drawn with the highest possible diligence. The offerer does not take any warranty for their accuracy, completeness and updating. For use of the contents and information of this webside the user is solely responsible. Statements with the name of their author represent the individual opinion of the respective author and do not reflect the opinion of the offerer. By using the webside of the offerer no contractual relationship between user and offerer comes into existance.

2. External Links
This webside contains potential links to other websides of third persons (“external links”). For those websides the respective operators are liable. The offerer has counterchecked the foreign contents and information on those webside, whether they contain infringements of rights, when establishing the external links for the first time. At this time no infringements of rights have been found. The offerer has no influence neither on the current or future design nor on the contents and information on the linked websides. The linking to external websides shall not be interpreted in a manner, that the offerer would agree with contents and information on those websides or would make them of one´s own. A permanent inquiry of those external links is neither possible nor appropriate for the offerer without any concrete indication of infringements of rights. If infringements of rights comes to the knowledge of the offerer such external links will be immediately deleted.

3. Copyright
The contents and information published on this webside are governed by the German copyright legislation. Every case of utilization not permitted by the German copyright legislation requires the prior approval in writing on behalf of the offerer or the respective holder of rights. This applies especially in regard to duplication, editing, translation, storage of data, derivative work or reproduction of contents and information in data bases or other electronic media and systems. Contents and rights on behalf of third persons are marked as such. Unallowed reproduction or passing on of either partial contents and information or of complete sides is not permitted and is liable to prosecution. Only copies and downloads for one´s own individual, private and non-commercial use are allowed.

The illustration of this webside in other frames always requires prior approval in writing.

4. Data protection
By visiting the webside of the offerer information about the access to the data bank (i.e. date, time, viewed side) can be stored. This data does not contain personal data of individuals, but is anonymous. It is used solely for the statistical interpretation of data. A passing on to third persons for commercial or non-commercial purposes does not take place.

The offerer explicitely points out, that a transfer of data in the internet (f.e. by communicating via e-mail) leaves room for security leaks and can not be shielded completely against access of third persons.

The use of the contact data contained in the imprint for commercial advertisement purposes is explicitely not allowed, apart from cases, in which the offerer had given his prior approval in writing or a business relationship has already been established. The offerer and all persons mentioned on this webside disagree hereby with any commercial utilization and passing on of data.

5. Special Conditions of Use
As far as special conditions of use should apply for specific utilizations of this webside, apart from the ones mentioned under figures 1. til 4. above, it is explicitely indicated on the respective place.
In this case the special conditions of use shall apply.